Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Using LOA During Meal Time

I have been actively using LOA in my eating habits and practices, and I want to share with you how I do it.
  1. When I am hungry, I think " I want something really good for me and my body, something I am going to have fun eating, something delicious, something healthy, something that will make me feel good and make me feel my body still looks good".
  2. I would just repeat thinking that, and then I go think about what I want to eat --- and there will be ideas and options that will pop into my head.
  3. I pick the one(s) that feel the happiest.
  4. I choose the food, I bless the food, and then I eat it, and then I THANK God for it.
  5. I make peace with my food and just enjoy it.
When I do this, I really end up eating healthily and do it in a very easy manner.

Today, I attracted 1 cup of boiled spinach (whoohoo) and broiled crusted Tilapia.  I typically can't eat meals without rice, but today was such a great meal!  Spinach and fish, how cool is that!  Also recently, I am eating and having water or tea as my drink and having a great meal!  That is awesome for me you know.

So people, just make peace with what you eat -- bless it, think healthy, and see how this improves your food choices and your feelings about food.  When you want to eat something that you think is not healthy, well -- it is tricky because even before you make the choice to eat, you already chose to think it is not healthy -- why do that right?  You are only attracting a vibration in which your body will process that food as unhealthy food.

It is all making sense to me now --- I really eat for fun, I don't see food bad or good, I don't judge food, I appreciate it and thank it for giving me so much good feelings.  When I do that I maintain the body that I love to see, a body that I am happy with.

Happy eating!!