Wednesday, July 6, 2016

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

Moving to Arizona meant for me choosing a great school for Brandon. The A grade school close to our house didnt have any openings at the time I registered Brandon. Nevertheless, I thanked God in advance for giving Brandon the school he needs to help him grow and learn happily. August 3 2015 was the first day of school, and since he was still waitlisted at our school of choice, we enrolled him to his community school. That same week, I received an email on Wednesday that Brandon has been accepted to our school of choice and started going there the following Monday. Faith, Actionm and Expectation are my main three ingredients in causing the Universe to converge all circumstances/events/people to manifest my desire. Thank you God.

Keep Going

Perseverance and focusing on your vision will get you there. And when you reach the top... aahhh. What a great feeling it is indeed.

Break Time

It is ok to take a rest when life throws curve balls at you. Most importantly, taking a break allows you to see things in a much more positive perspective.

Ask and You Shall Receive

I prayed for a child. But I received more than a child. With this child, my life has become truly purposeful and meaningful. My son, you have pushed me to be the best I can be so that you can be the best you can be. You have taught (and continue to teach) me love in its purest form. Sometimes, it is so pure that your Dad misinterprets it. You are the greatest gift that God has given me apart from your Dad and the life I have. I am ever grateful to you. I love you forever across lifetimes and universes.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

I was in a meeting one time in my previous job, and admiring the beautiful beaded lanyard of my co-worker. I asked him where he got it and looked it up online, but the price was making it tentative for me to buy. I continued to think about wearing a beautiful lanyard at work nevertheless. The following week, one of my good friends at work was transferring to another position, and she gave me a gift. Yes, God answered. She gave me this beautiful beaded lanyard that she used to wear. Thank you God.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

In 2014, I started telling my husband that I think we should really start planning on how we can move to a warmer state, if we see ourselves retiring in a warm state. I told him that I think it is best to not wait until we are old and gray, that we should move and establish ourselves where we want to be eventually. God answered. In a chain of interesting events, I started feeling the need to pursue other work opportunities, which led me to accept a consulting job in May 2015. With this job, I had to travel to California, which prompted me to look into nearby states that would lessen the travel time. One day, I woke up with a voice in my head to google house in Arizona, and Maricopa houses came up. I showed a house to my hubby, and he said with conviction, we are moving to Arizona. In a few weeks, he flew in to Arizona, worked with a real estate agent to do house showings via facetime and youtube videos. With a leap of faith, we sold our house in Waukesha, we made an offer to our house in Arizona, and even though we have not closed on either houses, we drove 3 days to Arizona to get in time for the first day of school for Brandon, which is Aug 3 2015. We arrived in Arizona July 28 2015. The Arizona house negotiation was still going back and forth. By July 31 2015, we got an accepted offer and moved to the new house Aug 1, 2015. They let us live in the house for free until the closing. We closed the Arizona house on Aug 19, 2015. You see, prayers are answered when you believe and follow your intuition. Thank you God.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

I was 21 years old, I was on my way home with my mom, and I asked her about how would it be all possible to own a house, raise a family, send my future kids to school, when my salary (PHP converted to USD) was merely 10$/month. She said that it all works out. Everything has a way of working out. 23 years later, here I am with my dream family, dream job, and living in my dream house. Thank you God.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

God and the Universe answer prayers like crazy ( I am very thankful). I was shopping for window films yesterday and thinking that it would be so nice if we can have great company at our house tonight for the fireworks. When I came home, hubby got a call from one of our friends that they are bringing their company over to our house and watch fireworks together. So we had an impromptu "partee" between 9pm-2am! Swimming + fireworks + BLT + spaghetti + pancakes + great company

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

God works in mysterious ways. I have asked him for time with my boys and the experience of freedom from corporate life. He answered. He cut short my project assignment so it ends first week of June. And now, while waiting for my next project, it is SUMMER break, I am with my boys all the time, and having a taste of "retirement" from pressures of corporate life. God thank you!

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

I remember in the year 2014, I was taking a shower and talking to God and saying, "It would be nice to have a new house as gift for my birthday." He answered. In the year 2015, we moved to a new house in July 2015, and closed the house on my birthday August 19. Thank you God.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

After moving to our house in Arizona, I was walking around the block and telling the Universe that it would be nice to have extra money to pay the bills, and buy furniture. I also asked Him about the aquarium. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it so I told Him that It is all up to Him. God answered. The big aquarium in our house leaked before we closed the house. Since it was technically owned by the previous owners when the incident happened, their home insurance covered it, and since the approval happened after we closed the house, the insurance just wrote them a check for the repair, which was given to us directly. I asked God for 20K. We received a check for 21K. Not only did I get the money I asked for, I also got the answer I was looking for regarding the aquarium. Thank you God.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

When we were in Waukesha and Brandon was just about 4 years old, I really wanted a great friend for him, and a friend whose parents would be great friends for us too. I would talk to God about this every time I had quiet moments with Him. I enrolled Brandon to YMCA for summer camp one summer and whenever he would come home he would talk about a boy named Ed. I decided to write a short note to Ed's parents for a playdate. While writing the note, my pen even ran out of ink and had to switch to another color. It only took that effort, and Brandon has found a best friend in Eddie Miller. The bonus part is I have found a great friend in Sheri Wieburg Miller, Ed's mom. Thank you God.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

I was in the living room of our Waukesha house and just looking at the entire living room, thinking about how it would feel to have a bedroom as big as that living room. God answered. When we moved to Arizona, He gave us a house in which the master bedroom fits a living room set, a king size bed, his/hers vanity, his/hers walk-in closet, stand up shower, and a big tub. Thank you God.

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

My husband is the only hope in his family to carry on the family name Maki. Not only that, we were trying to have a baby for almost two years and I wasn't getting pregnant. When we finally saw a doctor, it was found that we cannot have a baby. My husband accepted that BUT I DID NOT. I believed in my heart that I am destined to be a mom. I also believed that we will have a baby boy. When we bought our first house in Waukesha, I picked the room for the baby and painted it blue. At night I would imagine having a growing baby in my womb and I talked to him a lot. Everyday I would pretend I was holding this baby in my arms and singing to him. God answered. In March 2007, I got pregnant naturally. And it was a baby boy. And he grew up in that room that I reserved for him even before we knew all these wonderful things would come true. Thank you God.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

good morning! are you ready to face the day and make the most of it! you can do it!
how was your day? remember to be thankful and go to bed with a grateful heart. forget all the negative experiences today and let go. review and appreciate all the happy ones. release all energy that no longer serves you for higher purpose. tomorrow is a brand new page of your life. God bless you all!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Let God

I'm here Lord, steer me to happiness, prosperity, peace, love, and great health.  Lead me! I am Yours, I am here, and I am ready!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trust in the Life Process

How is everyone doing? 

I just want to send you all love and blessings.  I know that day to day things may not look rosy on the surface but KNOW that you are always taken care of. 

Trust the life process that you are divinely guided, God, the Source is always looking after you, and blessing you, and taking care of you, and that you are in the path of happiness. 

Living a life of FAITH, of believing that all is well no matter how things look like, is the key to a happy, peaceful, prosperous life.

Keep smiling, and may all your dreams come true!

Spread Love and Inspiration Today!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thinking Positively Is Not a Religion

Thinking positively is a way of life.  It may not be the way that most of us are used to but it is not a religion, or a cult, or movement.  It refers to the same ability you use when you think negatively.  The only difference is that positive thinking takes a conscious effort UNTIL it becomes second nature to one's self.  This applies to a person who has the default nature of thinking negatively.

Many of us by default do not think positively or take things in a positive way.  If most of us do, then this topic would be the absolute reverse; the majority of  us will be wondering how a person could be so negative.  We are so programmed to the mentality of lack, or things do not always work out, that we could not even open our minds to the possibility of the exact opposite of that.

Remember, if you are capable of unconsciously creating negative thoughts and habits, you are capable of developing positive habits and replacing all the negative in your life.  No one else makes that choice except YOU.  The thoughts in your head and the feelings you feel are all YOUR CHOICES.

It may be hard to change habits but it is never too late; there is always a happy ever after.

For tips on combatting negative thoughts/feelings, here's my post on this.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Start Up Kit for Dealing with Stress/Negative Energy/Negative Thoughts

I created a startup kit for someone I love when he was in such a negative place in his life.  I found a window of opportunity that he is receptive to wisdom and I found myself writing a list for him.  I hope this helps all of you as well!

  1. Take deep breaths
  2. Take a walk to dissipate negative energy
  3. For every negative thought/energy, say/pray "My life is in divine order.  All is Well, Everything is Working out For Me."
  4. Read/watch something inspirational/funny EVERYDAY
  5. Distract your thoughts every 2-5 minutes by daydreaming or writing things you want/love/need
  6. Dig into your memory bank and pull the great and happy memories of your life, then think about them in place of the negative thought
  7. Be thankful.  Simply say "thank you" over and over
  8. Say great words in your mind repeateadly ; "Wealth, wealth, wealth, Love, Love, Love,  Peace, peace, peace.  Joy, joy, joy."

Divine Rays

We were blessed with lovely divine rays of sun yesterday.  I took a picture of them and they are breath taking~.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wishing Well

This post is not about the wishing well of water but it is about the manner by which you effectively and lovingly and naturally wish people well.  The easiest way to do it is whatever great things you are praying or intending for yourself, you intend the same things for others.  All of us are connected.  All of us share this life journey.  It is but natural to share the blessings, the many great things that this life offers.  I wish for me and for them the same things.  Love, happiness, peace, prosperity, and great health to me and everyone!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Every day is a brand new chance to live your dream life.
No regrets.  Everything you have experienced made you the beautiful, strong, sexy, loving, better person you are today!