Thursday, April 25, 2013

Excerpts from "The Silva Mind Control Method" Book

This will be a list of excerpts from the book when I read chapters of it tonight.  I have been having a lot of goose bumps which means that my body is agreeing to all that I was reading.

With love, I would like to share the words/lines from the book that gave me goose bumps:

Chapter:  Improving Memory
Page 44:

  • But we have another way, a sort of emergency method, which will take you instantly to a level of mind where recall of information will be easier.
  • Here is how simple it is:  Just bring together the thumb and first two fingers of either hand and your mind will instantly adjust to a deeper level.  Try it now and nothing will happen; it is not yet a triggering mechanism.  To make it one, go to your level and say to yourself (silently or aloud), "Whenever I join my fingers together like this" -- now join them --"for a serious purpose I will instantly reach this level of mind to accomplish whatever I desire."  
  • Do this daily for about  a week, always using the same words.

Chapter:  Creative Sleep
Page 55:

  • While meditating just before going to sleep, say, "I want to remember a dream.  I will remember a dream".
  • During meditation before going to sleep, review a problem that can be solved with information or advice.  Be sure that you really care about solving it; silly questions evoke silly answers.  Now program yourself with these words:  "I want to have a dream that will contain information to solve a problem I have in mind.  I will have such a dream, remember it, and understand it."

Chapter:  Your Words Have Power
Page 61:

  • There are two basic principles:
  • (1) We can think of only one thing at a time, and
  • (2) When we concentrate on a thought, the thought becomes true because our bodies transform it into actions.
  • Therefore, if you want to trigger your body's healing processes, which may be blocked by negative thoughts (conscious or unconscious), just repeat twenty times in succession, "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better."  Do this twice a day and you are using the Coué method.