Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Here's something I stumbled upon when I googled message from universe -- and I would like to share with all of you.


The universe has a message for YOU!…

© By Aine Belton
BEFORE you read below the dotted line below, pick a number between 1 and 7.
You might want to take a moment to just relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes perhaps, and intend on choosing a number that is appropriate for you at this time from 1-7.
Perhaps one pops out immediately, or just ‘feels right’.
Once you have your number, read the message next to your number below.
It’s a message for you, right now :)
You might think the possibility of that is a little silly or implausible, and that’s OK. Think of it as a game, if you like. Have a go for the fun of it if nothing else, and let me know if the message below next to your number was insightful in any way.
At the deepest level, we are all connected by the Universal Mind, or what Carl Jung called, the Collective Unconscious. I believe a part of you (call it your Higher Mind, if you like), already knows the message which is most appropriate for you below. This is how it works with picking  Tarot Cards, for example, or when you know your friend is about to call, or psychic readings confirmed in parapsychology, or the “100th Monkey Effect” phenomena (search up on this if interested as I won’t side-track into details about it here).
You can also look at it from this perspective: you are creating your reality in every moment, including the message you are about to receive. As quantum science now proves, nothing exists until it is observed. Everything is energy, and it is thought that can determine energy into form. Intend that the message you receive is one most suited to you at this time, and receive that which is appropriate from the universe.
Once you’ve read your message, you can pick a second number and repeat if you wish, or return another time and repeat, or read all 7 out of interest.
Let me know how it goes :)
Love and blessings,
——————————-READ YOUR MESSAGE BELOW!——————————-
1) Flow
The universe is encouraging you to allow more flow into your life. Flow happens when you feel a sense of trust and positivity in general, and is reflected in synchronicities, blessings and opportunities manifesting on your path.
Are you open to the opportunities coming your way? Are you being repeatedly nudged – by your intuition or external signs and pointers – in a certain direction? Is there a new hobby, project, career move, attitude, routine, or a positive change in your life that you feel called towards at this time? Are there certain doors that are opening, and others that are closing? Or could you just relinquish your grip on how things ‘should be’ and loosen-up a little more to allow more flow to enter your life?
Being in flow allows life to become less stressful, and more fun, easy and magical. It requires a level openness, humility and letting go.
Are you wanting things to be a certain way or trying to control things? Let go of anything you’re holding onto – be it bad feelings, shoulds, or expectations and allow life to become the beautiful dance it was always meant to be.
Flow is enhanced the more you embrace the truth that you deserve. You deserve all your heart desires, whether you feel that way or not, and the universe is ever on your side. Are you? You are ultimately the only one that can get in your way; your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, choices, and so on.
You are loved totally and unconditionally by the heart of creation. Open to receive that love. Let it show up in the form of positive events, people and successes you attract. Be open to the new and trust in turnings of the tide. Follow your intuition, take bold happy steps to towards your dreams, be spontaneous, and dare to explore outside your comfort zone.
Let go, trust, and let flow :)
Trust in the flow, it only ever wants the best for you, you know.” ~Aine Belton
2) Self-Love
How have you been at loving yourself lately? The universe is bringing this to your attention to remind you about this key foundation for true lasting happiness.
In what way could you be more loving to yourself, and acknowledge more of your goodness, truth and beauty? Do you own or recognize your inherent value and worth? In what way could you do so more?  And in what way might you honour your heart more – your feelings, your deepest wishes and desires, the love and gifts inside of you?
Are you in need of some TLC or nurturing and nourishment at this time? Be kind and tender with yourself. Take it easy. Listen to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.
Are you lacking self-love because you are lacking self-forgiveness for something in your past? If so, let yourself off the hook and forgive yourself so you can start loving yourself fully again. Who you TRULY are is wholly innocent. If you do not see this, it simple means you do not see who you truly are!
The more you love yourself, the more you will be able to love others. Your happiness in itself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you love. Furthermore, if you’re lacking self-love you will be more self-absorbed and focussed on sourcing things from ‘out there’ – be it love, validation, appreciation, respect or approval, for example. Give those things to yourself, right now. When you do, you will more readily give them to others.
Quit the search and start to quench your thirst within. When you love yourself, you rest in an inner sanctuary of the peace and beauty of your heart and radiate a warm positive energy that blesses you and your world.
Let go of any negative self-concepts and start to feed yourself with positive self-beliefs and a loving positive image of yourself. You are a divine being of love and light, and you deserve all your heart desires, ever and always, whether you believe it or not (so you may as well believe it!)
3) Hope
Are you lacking hope in some area of your life at this time? Has your optimism or positive expectation waned around a particular goal, project or outcome you desire?  The universe is wanting to remind you of the power of hope and encourage you to rekindle its light and to have faith in YOU and your future.
Hope is always a catalyst to a brighter tomorrow.” ~Aine Belton
How can you use hope to generate new energy, vision and possibilities? Get excited and passionate again. Renew your enthusiasm and feel the brightness of hope for your dreams and desires.
One way to ignite hope is through Future Causation which I cover in my previous “How To Change Anything In An Instant!” article  you may want to read.
There can be a dark side to hope, such as hoping for something to come about that doesn’t actually serve you, or hoping someone else will change rather than addressing the situation, etc. Give hope to what you are wholly sure will be a bright future for yourself. Give hope to those areas that deserve to blossom and bloom into all they can be. Have hope for greater happiness, success, love, laughter and joy, for example. Hope for the wellbeing of others, and have hope in general.
As you hope, you increase desire, imagination and positive expectation, which are all part of the manifesting process.
Hope is not the same as neediness or desperation in any way, which are contractive and constrictive energies. Hope is expansive and generates light and positivity.
Get in touch with the wonder of hope and harness its energy for your life and your dreams. Perhaps you are here to be a beacon of hope to others in this life, in which case share that sense of hope and its message of a bright future. Have faith and shine your light!
4) Giving
You are being asked to put your love into action in some way.
Is there someone in particular you’ve been withholding love or giving from, or you could express more of your love to in some way? Or have you been shying away from life in general and not sharing your gifts, presence or love in some way? Have you been ‘too busy’ and not found the time for those people who matter to you? The greatest gift you have to give people is YOU! Are you giving you? Are you there for people?
There are many ways you can give and share, which I detail shortly. Do so in a way that brings you joy and does not feel like a sacrifice, as that is not what true giving is about.
What’s important here is that this giving is genuine and heartfelt. I’m not talking about martyrhood or obligation here. I’m talking about sharing and expressing your love and care in a way that feels meaningful to you, which is a blessing to others, as well as yourself.
Giving when your heart isn’t in it, or giving-to-get (which isn’t giving at all), or giving out of a feeling of duty or obligation is also not authentic giving, and the person at the ‘receiving end’ won’t feel really like they’ve been given to, as what is received most is the energy and intention behind the giving. That’s why even the smallest act or gift can have the biggest impact if coming from a loving place.
Get in touch with the love and care you have for someone and act from this place.
Let your abundance shine by giving to others, not just in the tangible physical sense, but by giving of who you are and expressing your love, appreciation and gratitude to those around you. You can give in energy, in your thoughts, blessings and well-wishes too, and send love from a distance, silently even.
There are many ways you can give, and it’s certainly not money-bound.
You can give of your time, appreciation, care, well wishes, talent,prayers, nurturing, inspirations, attention, information, touch, wisdom, hope, support, thoughts, blessings, and so on. You may also want to give some of your income away, such as through tithing 10% to a charity each month if you feel financially comfortable to do so.
Give in a way that feels true to you.
Don’t deny yourself or others the wonders and rewards of giving.” ~Aine Belton
Ultimately it is the intention behind your giving that is more important than the actual means of giving. It is you desire to help, your love, care and the expression of that.
Give in a way that brings you joy and have fun sharing your heart!
5) Peace
Peace is that still centre, that place of calm and tranquillity inside from which all good things can rise. From the well of peace, love, joy and inspiration can bubble up, new perspectives can dawn, and freedom, healing and release can occur.
When at peace you can better hear the voice of Higher Self. Rather like the clearing of clouds from the sky, when at peace the sun of love can shine more fully into your reality and grace your life and your day.
When you let go of negativity through peace, it doesn’t have to come back. A new day can be begin, and when you change, so does your world.
What helps you find peace? Perhaps it is meditation (this is always a winner for greater peace). Perhaps it’s spending time in nature, receiving a massage, slowing your breathing, chilling out on the sofa, reading, going for a walk, having a hot scented bath, singing, swimming, or doing yoga.
Receiving healing, such as energy healing like Reiki, or any other kind, can create the space for greater peace, and meditation in itself can allow subtle healing shifts to occur in your being also to calm you, bring you to centre and allow peace to settle.
Cut out or cut down on toxic and high acid foods and beverages, especially the more toxic ones like sugar, coffee, and alcohol. Calming herb teas like mint and camomile, alkaline food and drinks (think GREEN), and Bach Flower remedies can all be helpful to cultivate a peaceful physical environment.
Peace is protective because through its dawning you let go of stressful energies that may be negatively impacting you and the “yamma yamma” of your monkey mind; the mental and emotional tape-loops that can be crowding your thought-feeling space with junk.
Take some time out for peace. If you don’t think you have time for peace, I definitely suggest you make time for peace. What’s interesting is that when you slow down and generate more peace, everything else slows down too, and you actually create MORE time for yourself. Time is an illusion and reality is created from the inside out. Give it a go:)
6) Imagination
This is a reminder of the power of your imagination.
How have you been using your imagination lately? Are you feeding your dreams or your fears? Are you imagining the very best for your life and others? Are you thinking big or small? Do you lack positive imagination in some areas? Could you expand your vision of the possible to encompass brighter imaginings and happier futures? Etc.
Shift your focus from fears and problems to solutions and desired outcomes.
Your imagination is a potent ally when it comes to creating your reality. It is a doorway to the possible, a bridge to your unconscious mind, and a boundless palate with which you create your world.
What is now proved was once only imagined.”~ William Blake
Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real or imagined. What you feed it with your imagination, through visualizing and focus, manifests in your world.
Spending just 5 minutes each morning after waking, and before sleeping at night, to visualize desired outcomes and step into the shoes of the futures you desire, and the happy, bright you that you are becoming (that in truth, is who you really are), will allow more of that energy to into your life and act as a magnet to those realities. (For more on this, you may want to also read “How To Change Anything In An Instant!” ).
You are a magical manifesting machine, creating your reality in every moment! Never forget how powerful your imagination is in bringing a new life forth :)
Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction.” ~Albert Einstein
When visualizing your desires with your imagination, engage all of your senses. Imagine not just the visual images, but also the sounds, smells, textures and tastes of your dreams come true. Most importantly, engage the feelings of the outcome you seek, as it is these that are most real and meaningful and the most in attracting your desires. How you feel about what you imagine will determine whether you will successfully attract it or not, more than the exact specifics of what you imagine, or how good your visualization skills are.
Immerse yourself in the feelings. Access the feelings you would experience if your goals were already accomplished, your wishes already answered.
7) Forgiveness
Forgiveness is one of the most powerful forces of healing and transformation and a most gracious gift we can give ourselves and another.
Who do you need to forgive? Is it yourself? May I remind you that even if it is someone else, you may wish to forgive yourself for ‘allowing’ something you want to forgive them for into your life at whatever level. Of course, many problems can hide a gift that you may not see at the time. You may look back in time even with a painful experience and view it with new eyes, seeing it as part of the tide of change in your life.
Forgiveness returns you to a place love and liberates you from constricting states; it is the ultimate mind-body-soul detox. Ultimately, you know when you’ve forgiven someone by how you feel. You either feel neutral or positive towards them. Sometimes forgiveness happens in layers, or you may think you’ve forgiven but a new wave of emotion comes up to be processed to allow greater forgiveness.
You don’t have to agree with someone, or a behaviour, to be able to forgive them/it. You can forgive the “why” not the “what” – the pain or dysfunction that lies behind any given behaviour, rather than the behaviour itself.
A lack of self-forgiveness stands in the way of love, success and abundance and can lead to self-sabotage and the trappings of guilt. Everyone makes mistakes – it’s part of being human. Your mistakes do not define you, or certainly shouldn’t, for they are not who you are. Rather than judge or condemn yourself, instead, recognize, acknowledge and forgive yourself, or others. This enables letting go and change.
Set yourself free TODAY!
Forgive yourself and/or another. See the goodness in yourself and/or them. Forgiveness allows you to let go of any pain, anger, or resentment you’ve been holding on to.
Allow yourself to own and acknowledge your own and others inherent innocence, worth and value. Release the burden you’ve been carrying and allow more love into your heart.
Forgiveness cleanses, blesses and refreshes you and your world, and is keystone to positive change.” ~Aine Belton
The Creator/Universe/Source shines its love on all, like the sun. It does not judge. Ponder on that level of pure unconditional love. It is there for you, it is there for everyone.
Feel free to share your thoughts below.
Love and joy,
Aine Belton