Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am sharing with you the reply I received from Christie Marie Sheldon regarding my question on feeling tired when listening to her Unlimited Abundance sessions:

Hi Christie, I bought the Unlimited Abundance and I really feel very tired nowadays -- I know you said it is normal to feel that way--- I am on the 7th CD and everyday I feel exhausted ; pls tell me this is normal process of releasing a lot of unwanted energy -- I am at a point that maybe I shd take a break from listening just so I dont get so exhausted . Pls advise-- thank you so much for the gift of you!
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  • Christie Marie Sheldon Recommended use for LoA Tool Kit:
    Day 1 Listen to CD/ Module 1
    Day 2 Listen to CD/ Module 1 and take notes
    Day 3 Listen to CD/ Module 1 and take any additional notes/ attention to anything you missed previously
    Day 4 Move to next CD/ Module and repeat

    Once all Audio is completed, go back and repeat any parts that you missed parts on or are unclear on (spaced out, fall asleep, etc). Then you can relisten as you are guided. The LoA energy is in the audio, not just the information so just having it on softly in the background as you do other things can help to raise vibration once you have the information down.

    I put a high vibration energy into all of the audios, not just the information, so a lot of times just having it on softly in the background as you do other things can help to raise vibration once you have the information down. Some people listen to the Audios everyday, a different one each day until they cycle through them all again and again. Some people listen to the same one each day for a week and cycle through. Other have 'favorite' ones and keep those to play while in the car, etc.

    It is a personal experience, so go with what works for you...if you feel you need to take a break, then you should do so. Once you have the tools and techniques, use them every day as the opportunity to apply them presents - that is where the real effects are experienced, with integration into your daily life.

    Here are some things you can do nutritionally to help support you when doing clearing work.

    Nutritional shifts:
    NO - red meat, dairy, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, white flour, white sugar, artificial colors/ flavors/ preservatives
    MORE - B Vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, fresh fruits and fresh squeezed juices, lean protein and fresh vegetables
    Mineral water (flat or fizzy) - not filtered tap water (Dasani, Aquafina etc) or distilled water

    More time outside in nature
    Showering after you listen to Christie’s clearing audios
    Soaking in hot mineral salt bath at least 1x/ week

    Your body may need more sleep than usual for processing and integration. Sleep is when out bodies heal, integrate and reboot.

    Let me know how it goes.