Thursday, April 11, 2013

Color Game

I played a color game with my son tonight after I read about Jose Silva's Mind Control book that ESP is possible to develop.

So tonight, I prepped him early evening and told him about quieting the mind.  I told him to be quiet, close your eyes, and just breathe.  I was so impressed because he actually did it.

And then bed time came --- we have this thing where after saying bed time prayers, Daddy lays down with him, and then it is my turn to lay down with him.

After the routine "Let's pray to God for this person", and "Let's thank God for this", I told him that I want to play a game.  I asked him to quiet his mind, I thought of color, and when I was ready to give it to him, I told him, "are you ready, there you go, I gave you the color.  What color did I give you?"

First Try:  I gave him green, and he said I gave him "Yellow and Blue"  Yay!!!
Second try:  I gave him blue, and he said, "You gave me something that starts with the letter"  YAY!!!
Third time, he gave me a color: I guessed it, it was green. SUPER!!!

He did not want to go to bed,it was getting late, he just wanted to play the game over and over.  So we did it one more time ~
Fourth time:  I gave him purple, and he said " Hmn, did you give me p-p-p- purple?"

Man, my 5 year-old is amazing!~