Friday, August 9, 2013


"Chemicalization", as explained so well by Catherine Ponder, in her book, "The Dynamic Laws of Healing".

1. You put the desire out to the Universe, start affirming and raising your vibration.
2. The Universe sends the wrecking ball or shaking up process to clear away old patterns and circumstances that are not a vibrational match to your intended goal. This is usually very uncomfortable and most people fight this stage, and lose faith.
3. Things are suddenly as quiet as they were loud during the shaking up process, sort of like the assessment of damage after an earthquake or storm, and then the re-building process begins. Many people lose faith at this stage, as well, as they don't yet see the desired goal yet.
4. The desired good begins manifest in a sort of quiet, natural course of events.

Through all of this, Catherine Ponder recommends acknowledging the chemicalization process and affirming and giving thanks that "Divine Fulfillment is now taking place. Greater good is on the way. All is well." To stay quiet about the process as you move through the chemicalization. Try not to complain too much in the second and third stages, and do not talk about or announce your new manifestation's arrival, right away. Keep it quiet for a little while until it is firmly established.