Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update on Reading Silva Method book

I am currently on Chapter Four and struggling to follow the instructions in the book.  When I ponder on it, the message that comes to mind (which I believe is my inner being talking to me, or God/Universe) that I am actually familiar with meditation already and that I do it anytime I want to and have success doing it.

When I really think about it, I am always in deep thought, whether I am at home doing chores, or driving or walking -- when I am not working my day job, I am always thinking.  Even when I was a child, I would pull a chair, sit outside, look at the sunset for the longest time, and think and ask the universe many many questions.

Visualization is nothing new to me too.  What is new that I am practicing now is guided, intentional visualization --- I am using it to pre-pave my future and create my reality.  When something I want happens, I am no longer surprised -- I am now just purely THANKFUL and GRATEFUL because I knew all along it was coming, I just didn't know when, and when it happens, I acknowledge the generosity of God and Universe for giving it to me. And it always happens in a much better manner than I have asked for or expected it to happen.

I will keep reading the book, but every time I attempt to read it, ideas and thoughts prompt me to either blog or write on my journal.  I will just go with the flow!

With so much love to all of you ~.