Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let Go and Let God

My sister emailed me today and told me that she did not have a very good day because she is diagnosed with something "undesirable" (for privacy reasons I will not state it here).

I know for a typical person who is pragmatic, it is so easy to focus on a "bad news".  But what is really bad? Bad is just a point of view and it varies from person to person.  It is just an opinion.

The old me, if I have received the same news, would worry too much, would feel sad, will wallow in self-pity, and miss all the good, fun things around me, miss to acknowledge all the beautiful blessings surrounding me.

The NOW me is totally different.  OK, I am diagnosed with something.  I will thank God that I got this message -- that  I want to understand why I got this message (use LOA to attract the answers), and I am thankful that I have the knowing that everything will work out for me, that All is Well, and that I have God backing me up, and then I thank God that I will do good and get better and that this prayer is already answered.

Is it hard ---?  As long as you have practiced this FAITH and KNOWING that all is well, and it is already part of your body and brain, like it is as natural as breathing air, and no one else can influence you to think otherwise, then it is not hard at all.

Great health blessings to all of you ~.