Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thinking Positively Is Not a Religion

Thinking positively is a way of life.  It may not be the way that most of us are used to but it is not a religion, or a cult, or movement.  It refers to the same ability you use when you think negatively.  The only difference is that positive thinking takes a conscious effort UNTIL it becomes second nature to one's self.  This applies to a person who has the default nature of thinking negatively.

Many of us by default do not think positively or take things in a positive way.  If most of us do, then this topic would be the absolute reverse; the majority of  us will be wondering how a person could be so negative.  We are so programmed to the mentality of lack, or things do not always work out, that we could not even open our minds to the possibility of the exact opposite of that.

Remember, if you are capable of unconsciously creating negative thoughts and habits, you are capable of developing positive habits and replacing all the negative in your life.  No one else makes that choice except YOU.  The thoughts in your head and the feelings you feel are all YOUR CHOICES.

It may be hard to change habits but it is never too late; there is always a happy ever after.

For tips on combatting negative thoughts/feelings, here's my post on this.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Start Up Kit for Dealing with Stress/Negative Energy/Negative Thoughts

I created a startup kit for someone I love when he was in such a negative place in his life.  I found a window of opportunity that he is receptive to wisdom and I found myself writing a list for him.  I hope this helps all of you as well!

  1. Take deep breaths
  2. Take a walk to dissipate negative energy
  3. For every negative thought/energy, say/pray "My life is in divine order.  All is Well, Everything is Working out For Me."
  4. Read/watch something inspirational/funny EVERYDAY
  5. Distract your thoughts every 2-5 minutes by daydreaming or writing things you want/love/need
  6. Dig into your memory bank and pull the great and happy memories of your life, then think about them in place of the negative thought
  7. Be thankful.  Simply say "thank you" over and over
  8. Say great words in your mind repeateadly ; "Wealth, wealth, wealth, Love, Love, Love,  Peace, peace, peace.  Joy, joy, joy."

Divine Rays

We were blessed with lovely divine rays of sun yesterday.  I took a picture of them and they are breath taking~.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wishing Well

This post is not about the wishing well of water but it is about the manner by which you effectively and lovingly and naturally wish people well.  The easiest way to do it is whatever great things you are praying or intending for yourself, you intend the same things for others.  All of us are connected.  All of us share this life journey.  It is but natural to share the blessings, the many great things that this life offers.  I wish for me and for them the same things.  Love, happiness, peace, prosperity, and great health to me and everyone!