Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Connecting to Source/God/Inner Being

You hear people say that it is good to be connected to God/Source and have divine guidance.  But how do you that?  How do they do that?  There are a lot of techniques and sharing around this subject and you really have to pick the one that is closest to your heart and what makes sense to you or what is meaningful to you.  However, even before you make the so-called connection, there is one thing that you should have worked on first --- and that is the BELIEF and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that there is this Source/Pure Energy/God/Higher Being --- without this you cannot really go to the step of connecting.  You have to work on that first.

So in this post, I want to share how I do the connection.  You need to understand though that I have had the realization that connecting isn't really nothing new to me.  I have been connecting all along from early years of my life.  It is just recently that I am getting really educated that what I am doing is actually connecting.

Here's how I do it:

Because I already believe and acknowledge, to connect, I put my mind into a sort of state of quiet, and then I "invoke" as follows. The words change from time to time but the feeling is still the same:
  • Thank you God for everything today.  I want to be divinely guided and connected in all that I do, say, and think, and I thank you so much for allowing me to be connected to you. I want to be with you all day today guiding my every second of this life.  Guardian Angels and Spiritual Guides, please allow me to reach out to you and connect with you all throughout the day today.  I thank you for this gift and blessing of allowing me access to your higher intelligence.I am thankful for all the wonderful interactions today and all the abundance coming my way, all the good things aligned to manifest in my life today.  Thank you so much for the great news you are giving me today and all the love I have today.
And then I just do a lot of thanking and gratitude, every step I make.   I do my connection anytime, while brushing my teeth, while driving, while walking, ANYTIME.  I also bless anything I do; when I wash my face, I say "please bless this water and soap touching my face so they provide to my utmost good".  When I eat, I bless my food, when I am talking to someone, I bless that someone and ask God to bless that someone with so much abundance; when I am driving, I am blessing and praying for all the cars passing me by, etc.

And here are samples of when I use the connection all day:
  • Before a meeting, I thank and ask God to guide the meeting and pre-pave it to be a successful, easy, happy meeting
  • I pause and ask for guidance before I answer any question asked of me (I don't see things big or small, everything is the same size because I have the Divine guiding me, size does not matter).
And how do I know I am connected?  Well, for me, I go with my "hunch", which is really our intuition, and when you pray or connect, your intuitions are really guided by higher intelligence.

And another important step is to be THANKFUL.  After asking and after that thing has transpired or happen, thank God/Source/Universe/Angels.  When you thank, you are aligning all the stars in the skies to make your decisions and action result to good things.

I never ever worry anymore about any decision or choice I make because I have this knowing that everything is always working out for me, no  matter what.  If you have that belief in your system, if you have ingrained that into yourself, you have a happy, really happy-to-the core life.

With so much love from me to you~