Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Progression In Law Of Attraction

How did you first learn about Law of Attraction?
And then after you learned about it, how did you progress from that?

Here's how it all started for me.

- I wanted to raise my son to the best of my ability and one day I had lunch with a friend at work, and when I was telling her about all my worries about raising my son, she said that we attract what we think about; that we should think about what we want instead of what we don't want.  She told me about the movie "The Secret" and the book "The Law of Attraction" by Abraham-Hicks.
- I watched the movie "The Secret", bought the book and Rhonda Byrnes other books, and bought almost all the books and DVD's of Abraham-Hicks and also subscribed to their You Tube videos.
- After a while my inner being directed me to "FlowDreaming" as I was asking for effective ways of manifesting --- got MP3's and listened to them daily
- Now, my inner being has led me to tending to my vibrations which led me to LoveOrAbove
- Last night, my IB led me learning about Chakras

I started LOA practice from October 2011 and here's how it has changed my life so far:

- I am more grateful and appreciative
- I can control and guide my thoughts now
- I manifest what I want; there are things that don't manifest right away but when they do, they happen at the right time and place in my life
- I am full of love
- I am more allowing
- I love life more than before
- Money just kept coming into my life
- Great people continue to be in my life and the ones who are not in the same frequency as I am don't stick around
- I am living my once dream job (I am saying once because now I have a new dream job )
- My son is growing up intuitively aware and I am pre-paving a very very beautiful future for him
- I get so many opportunities to share what I am learning

I can't wait to learn about Chakras and how I can work with these energy points in my body to continue to have a beautiful, meaningful life here on earth.

With love to all of you ~