Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just Ask

One of the very delicious things I am learning from LoveOrAbove and Unlimited Abundance series is the power of asking God/Source/Universe.

Just ask.

Whoever I am now, wherever I am now, it is all because I asked.  I have never given any limit to the size and quantity and complexity of what I ask for. I just ask.  And it is Given.  All the time.  In most cases in ways beyond my wildest dreams.

What are your askings in life?

Here are some of mine:

How can I raise my son in the best way possible for his highest benefit?
How I can love my son in the best way possible today?
What can I do to best love my husband today?
What will it take so that all my dealings/actions/thoughts today will profit me?
I ask for wisdom, give me wisdom.
How can I manifest things that are really for my highest benefit?
I ask to understand and know the truth.