Monday, September 1, 2014

Time To Choose

Every moment of your life is made up of choices; do you sit down and relax or wash the dishes?  Do spend the money or save?  Do you hate or love?  Do you criticize or accept?  Do you share or keep it yourself?  Everything is a choice.  And the choice you make at that moment determines the quality of your next moment. So it just makes sense to always be mindful and prudent to make the better choice, because the better choices you make, the better your next moment, your next hour, your day, your tomorrow becomes.  Remember too that no matter which choice you take, it will always lead you to the same thing -- happiness -- but the choice determines the quality of the experience that you will have to get you there.

My advice: make the better choice; the least resisting choice, the let-it-go choice, the keep-the-faith choice, the choice that speaks of your heart, the one that gives you the feeling of peace and calm.

Love you all,