Thursday, April 18, 2013

ESP Game

My son and I are still playing the ESP game and we often play it before bedtime, when I lay down with him and spend cuddle time before he goes to bed and fall asleep.

We would guess the color we are thinking, and he is so good at knowing/guessing the color that I give him.

I would tell him to quiet his mind, think of nothing, and then I will tell him that I will give him a color.  After I do that, he should ask " What color did mommy give me" in his mind, and the very first color that he thinks of is the answer.  So far it has always been a match!

We also did  variety, we guessed numbers instead of colors.
It was not perfect but pretty close.

For instance, my son says five when he sees the number two -- he is still confused between the 5 and 2.
Tonight, I silently gave me him two,and he asked, did you give me 5?  Hahaha !  I told him "very close, I think you may be thinking two but since you are confused with the figure you thought I gave you 5".  When it was my turn to guess, he gave me a 9 and I guessed 6, pretty close eh?

We will keep practicing --- really my goal here is to teach him to develop and trust his intuition.

Much love to all of you!