What you will find here is the path that was opened to me when I started seeking the wisdom that I wanted at that time this whole experience started for me.

Your experience and how your journey will unfold in life will all depend on your heart's desire and what is the highest good FOR YOU.

I am stating this now because you must always remember that each one of is a unique being, and that includes our life experiences, our needs, wants, desires, dreams, aspirations, motives, intentions. Although we can sympathize or relate to each other, we should never ever compare.  Comparing your life to someone else's will not bring you any closer to a life of contentment and happiness.

Whenever you want something, always probe deep into your intention of wanting and having it.  When you do, you'll realize that it all boils down to FEELING GOOD.

Why do I want a new house?  Why do  I want to smoke?  Why do I want to eat a lot?  Makes sense?

Now, moving on to my simplified list of things that I am learning/have learned in making my life my DREAM life!
  1. The LAW OF ATTRACTION - this is how it all started for me.  I was praying to God to show me the way to becoming the best mother and parent to our son.  One day, I was having a conversation with my friend about my fears of raising a teenager, and she told me to stop thinking about what I don't want and instead, THINK ABOUT WHAT I WANT.  Understand this law and use it to your benefit
  2. Meditation - a powerful tool to quiet your mind and raising your vibration (attraction point)
  3. FlowDreaming - if you are good at day dreaming, Flowdreaming will be the tool for you to guide your thoughts to whatever you want to manifest
  4. Vibration - learn about vibrational frequencies. taught me a lot about this and the book Power VS Force made me understand it a lot deeper.
  5. Intuition - very  much like vibration, intuition is your Spirit talking to you, and your Spirit is your Higher Self who has access to things that are divine and for your greater good.  We often call this our vibe or gut, and when we go with it, we always end up well and happy, everything works out for us.
  6. Your Thoughts drive your Feelings, and Your Feelings emit the Vibration that triggers the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attraction Manifests your reality.
  7. Charkras - this made me understand my energy points in my body and how I can activate them for my benefit (e.g. intuition, psychic, healing, divine guidance)
  8. Clearing Energies/Energies - This is helpful in maintaining positive moods and feelings (listen to Christie Marie Sheldon's clearing energies). We are all made up of energies and we are all from the same Source. Energy healing and clearing is essential in living a happy, balanced, centered life. I always check my energy and the energy around me, and I do energy clearing to maintain my inner balance. Remember, inner peace EQUALS outer peace.
  9. Intuition, Spirits, Guides, Angels - heavenly beings closer to God than you and I are, and beings you can ask assistance from
  10. Shamanism - spiritual discipline that relies on the never-changing foundations of Nature and Energy. As a medicine man, the shaman operates between the worlds of matter and energy and, while these entities might not always be visible, they are indisputably the building blocks of all creation.
  11. Quantum Jumping - this is a way of manifesting your desires by way of visualizing your ideal self/situation as existing in another dimension and then being one with that self/situation
  12. Reiki - Japanese traditional energy relaxation and healing modality
  13. Subconscious Mind - learn and acknowledge the power of the subsconsious mind and use it to actualize perfect health, joy, peace, happiness, wealth, and success.
Listed here are books/videos/web sites/personalities/stores that I use/have used in this spiritual journey.

  1. Abraham-Hicks -
  2. Christie Marie-Sheldon - |
  3. Carol Tuttle - |
  4. Andy Dooley -
  5. Mike Dooley -
  6. Summer McStravick -
  7. Jose Silva : |
  8. Rhona Byrne :
  9. Lee Holden :
  10. Louis L. Hay :
  11. Sonia Choquette :
  12. Jo Dunning :
  13. Vishin Lakhiani :  
  14. Neale Donald Walsch :
  15. Alberto Villoldo :
  16. Burt Goldman :
  17. Joseph Murphy: 
  18. Susan Rowlen : 
  1. All Abraham-Hicks books and DVD's
  2. Christie Marie Sheldon : Love Or Above | Unlimited Abundance
  3. Carol Tuttle : Remembering Wholeness | Dressing Your Truth | Chakra Healing
  4. Charles F. Haanel : The Master Key System
  5. Jose Silva : The Silva Mind Control Method | Everyday ESP | The Silva Method
  6. Summer McStravick : FlowDreaming CD's
  7. David R. Hawkins : Power VS Force
  8. Rhonda Byrne : The Secret | The Power | The Magic
  9. Halberstein & Leventhal : Small Miracles
  10. Dharmachari Nagaraja : Buddha at Bedtime | The Buddha's Apprentice at Bedtime
  11. Mike Dooley : Dreams Come True... All They Need Is You!
  12. Lee Holden : Moden Qi Gong
  13. Andy Dooley : Vibration Activation
  14. Mike Dooley: Infinite Possibilities
  15. Lois L Hay : Power Thoughts | Heal Your Body
  16. Wallace D. Wattles : The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles
  17. Napoleon Hill : Think and Grow Rich
  18. Sonia Choquette:  Dairy of Psychic, Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose, Ask Your Guides, True Balance, Trust Your Vibes
  19. Neale Donald Walsch : Conversations with God (Books 1,2,3)
  20. Joseph Murphy: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind 
  1. Angel Light LLC -
  2. Smudging Supplies -