Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Manifestations today

Ah it is so delicious today:

- our son wanted pizza so much for lunch/dinner; you know what happened?  My husband took home free pizza from Sam's club after he renewed our membership using a Living Social deal.  We also got free rotisserie chicken and two boxes of cookies, $20 gift card, and paid a discounted fee of $35.  Unbelievable

- I wanted to own an electric lemon juicer; we went to Tuesday Morning today and found one for less than $10!

- I wanted to have a really good quality rice cooker (I am a big rice eater) and we found one for $19 today (20-cup rice cooker with steamer+stew+soup functionality) that was originally $70.

- I wanted to have those big coffee cups that look like bowls and we found them today for $3 on sale from original price of $12

Thank you Universe so so much!!!