The Law of Attraction

To begin your journey as a creator of your own life and reality, you have to understand a very powerful law:  The LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Have you experienced those days when you wake up in the morning, and it started bad, and the moments following that just seem to spiral into worst situations.  It will keep going that way until "something" happens and it stops and then things go back to "normal".

That is the law of attraction working.

Law of Attraction simply put means LIKE attracts LIKE things.  It is a very simple law that cannot be physically seen nor touched.  It is something that is energy and vibration in nature.  It is not biased.  It applies to everything and everyone.  It never fails.  It simply gives you back what you give it but MAGNIFIED.

The Law of Attraction is driven by your FEELINGS.  However and whatever you feel, if you have held a feeling long enough, the law of attraction will "attract" circumstances in your life that will make you feel similar feelings based on how you are currently feeling.

In my example above, you feel upset and as long as you keep your self in that state, the rest of your day will keep giving you experiences that will generate similar feelings in you.  And then "something" happens that stops the current of bad luck.  That something is a good feeling, and it shifted your vibration of feeling upset to feeling good.  So what does Law of Attraction do? It will then start attracting things and situations that will generate the good feeling in you.

What again? No way!  This is silly!  This is all crap!

There is a phrase I learned that is so applicable to this that I want to use it.

The TEACHER appears when the Student is READY.

When you are ready, this article will make sense to you.
When you are not ready, you'll not believe anything that I am sharing here.
And that is OK.
Each one of us learns things in life differently and by choice.

If you have been wanting to take charge of your life, if you want to live the life that you want, take it to the next level and live the life of your dreams, then you must not only understand this very powerful law; you must BELIEVE it.

For only when you acknowledge this law, that you can use it to your FULL advantage. 

All the learning you need will come your way.  The very thing you are doing right now reading this page is Law of Attraction in the works.  You have attracted this into your experience.