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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Coping with negative thoughts

When you are upset, do a mental check and catch yourself doing that by the upset feeling you are experiencing.  What you focus on amplifies and attracts other like thoughts and if you focus long enough, cirsumstances around you will start to make you feel more upset --- so what do you do?  Cancel the thought, muster your strength to focus on something else.  For me, I focus on asking myself, "why I am feeling this way?"  and from there identify what I want, and I summon every strength and concentration power I have to imagine what I want until I feel better.  I also tell my ego to shut up and remind myself that I am love, I am love, I am love.

Child senses which is the better feeling parent

Children pick up our vibes and energies very very well.  If one of the parents is positive and loving, and the other isn't, it is very normal for the child to gravitate to the parent who makes him/her feel loved.  It is not because of favoritism; it is the spirit's desire to stick with a better feeling  person and situation.

Floating over a challenge

I am learning how to just float over a not so feel good situation by doing this:  when something is being said or something is happening that is far from what I want, my old self would argue about it with my spouse.  My "new" self takes sometime to analyze whether what is happening is worth a "fight" or not --- and sometimes by doing so, I catch myself going the direction of finding  a calm and peacefule place in my mind, and as the not so good situation develops, I make a choice to quietly say "thank you for this, it is making me undertand and realize what I really want, and here's what i want" and then I imagine what i want...and the negative situation seems to stop developing and dies there.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To Enter Alpha Level of Mind Immediately - The Silva Method

How To Enter Alpha Level of Mind Immediately - The Silva Method

Manifesting with Water

The Glass of Water Technique.

In a previous post, Your Favorite Silva Method Technique, I wrote about some of my favorite Silva Method Techniques, one of them being the Glass of Water Technique. This is what I wrote:
The Glass of Water Technique
“Growing up,The Glass of Water Technique was my go-to technique. I found it to be very successful for those times I felt sick. For example, if I had a stomach ache I would go into my level and energize a glass of water. Then, while drinking the water, I would tell myself, “This is all I have to do to rid myself of this stomach ache.” I would also imagine myself feeling healthy and strong after I drank the energized glass of water. And it worked every time!”

Glass of Water for Plant
More recently, I used this technique to revive a plant of mine. I bought a plant, that I’m sorry to say I was neglecting and one day I noticed that my little plant was not doing so well. That night I decided to energize a glass of water and give it to the plant. As I watered the plant with the energized water, I pictured the plant growing big and strong. I have been doing this for a couple of days now and I am proud to report that my plant is look more alive than ever!
The Glass of Water technique is also used whenever you need information or guidance. It is excellent for making decisions, finding misplaced objects and gaining a deeper understanding of life’s challenging situations. When we do not know the solutions to problems, we lack the necessary information. Once we have enough information, answers and solutions usually become obvious.

Here is an explanation of The Glass of Water Technique.

The Glass of Water exercise is a technique used for solving problems and goal achievement.
Applying The Glass of Wtaer
At night, just before retiring, get a water glass and fill it with water. While drinking approximately half of the water, close your eyes, turn them slightly upward, and say to yourself, “This is all I need to do to find the solution to the problem I have in mind.”
Then, put away the remaining half glass of water, go to bed and sleep.
In the morning, upon awakening, drink the remaining half-glass of water, then close your eyes, turning your eyes slightly upward, and say to yourself, “This is all I need to do to find the solution to the problem I have in mind.”

With this programming, you may awaken during the night or in the morning with a vivid recollection of a dream that contains information that you can use for solving the problem, or during the day you may have a flash of insight that contains information that you can use for solving the problem.
Remember with The Glass of water technique you enter your level automatically as you close your eyes and turn them slightly upward while drinking the water. Also, get creative with your Silva Method Techniques…I used it to revive my plant. We would love to hear the cool ways you’ve applied The Glass of Water Technique, please share your stories with us.

Silva Method Glass of Water Technique

Sunday, December 15, 2013

use your emotions/physical cues as "feedback" rather than "setback".  sample 1:  when you want to study and you are falling asleep, dont take it as "this is too difficult for me, I cannot do this"; take it as your body giving you feedback that you may need to change your position, or you may need to take a nap first, or change your location, etc.  Think feedback instead of setback ~
simlar to the ridges on the highway when you are veering off the main road, your body has natural mechanisms to give you "feedback" on whether you are doing something that is good for you/keeps you in your life's purpose. These ridges are your emotions (internal/mental health) and your physical conditions.
Whatever you are learning in life --- especially the values/lessons that pertain to loving, caring, appreciating, being grateful --- share them with your children.  That is one of the best gifts you can give them - the gift of tools to live life happily and abundantly.  If you havent figured it out yet, do your best to discover what it takes to be really happy -- and leave that great legacy to your kids --- your gift of preparing them for a happy life and future should be one of your life's goals --- and remember, you get back what you give, a hundred fold ~.
Share your dreams only with people who believe in you, who support you, and give you a boost every time you talk about your dreams.  Refrain from talking about them with poeple who will mock or criticize you --- their negative energy will hold you back from getting where you want to be~.
Do you think,say and do things that build or destroy?  What are the words that come out of your mouth?  What are the thoughts that you think?
Remember to put your three fingers together everytime you are happy, ecstatic, inspired, motivated --- keep doing it!  You will program yourself to associate that gesture with happiness -- and when you are down and you need to be inspired, you can put your fingers together and you'll get there!
You get back what you give ---- and a hundred fold.  Be happy and thankful for your friends and families when somethng great comes their way --- and happiness will come back to you hundred fold.
Make it a point to do something you love at least ONCE a day!  I can't tell you enough how that will change your life.  Start today, don't wait, seize the moment~.
Happy Sunday to everyone!  Remember to be grateful for and appreciate your life.  You have come a long way!  Nothing can stop you now in making all your dreams come true ~

Friday, December 13, 2013

Three Finger Technique

Today I'm going to teach you the 3-finger technique.  Whenever you are happy, program yourself to remember that vibe/frequency/feeling so that you can get your body to that level during the moments that you need to be motivated/energized/reminded of what life really is about.  The way you program your body to do that is whenever you are happy/high/feeling the "nirvana"/excited/content/relaxed, put your three fingers (thumb/forefinger/middle fingers) together.  Do it as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you, and by doing so, your body associates that gesture to those feelings.  Now, when you are not feeling good, and you need to feel good, just put those three fingers together, and your body will get you "there".  Happy Friday and remember, focus on the good and the good will keep coming your way!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Universe/Source at work:  I wanted shoulder pads for my new dresses.  Last night, I took out my sewing machine which I have not touched for years, and guess what were in the pockets of the cover?  Shoulder pads!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Universe/Source at work:  Our son Brandon wanted to watch the Pocoyo episode where Pocoyo and Pato were giants over a city of balls.  I tried to search it in youtube and did not find it.  We decided to record Pocoyo series via DVR and guess the first episode that got recorded?  The episode that Brandon wanted!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Universe/Source at work: we retired two airlined credit cards a few months back, only to find out that each of the card had to credit us back money. Hubby wanted me to call them and I really did not want to and been dilly dalying on making the call. So what did universe do for me? Last week, we received checks from each of the credit card company for the $ they need to give us back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Universe/Source at work today: we were at YMCA and I was asking if we can use the warm pool even if we are not members; they said no; meantime a member lady who was there when I was asking this question said that she has friends passes she is not using -- she asked the YMCA staff if we could use if she gives them to us --- and they said yes -- we got SEVEN free passes from the lady! swimming time here we come! Thank you , thank you, thank you!