Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Art of Manifesting - Journey List

I want to share with you through a simple list of things that have brought me to where I am right now in terms of enjoying the art of manifesting or creating/taking control of my reality.  This list is an evolving list and therefore I plan to update from time to time:

  1. Law of Attraction - It was very important that I became aware of this law, because the bringing forth of this awareness has led me to learn how I can change my point of attraction to bring about what I want.
  2. Feelings - I have learned that Feelings play an integral part in your point of attraction.  What you feel move energies around you and by Law of Attraction, your feelings emit a certain level of energy which will attract LIKE energies.
  3. Thoughts - My thoughts move me to feel, and therefore, if I have control over my thoughts, I can feel whatever/however I want to attract whatever I want into my experience.
  4. Vibration - this is related to your feelings; depending on your feelings, your vibration is higher or lower, and where you are on this scale directly affects the quality of your life.  If you are on the level of LOVE or higher, your life will be surrounded with joy, abundance, and love, and the higher you move up the scale, the more infinite your power is to live an incredible life.
  5. Flowdreaming - a tool I use to guide my daydreaming of things I want to happen in my life.  I invest on this daily; I daydream what I want my future to be FROM a happy place, from a higher vibration scale.
  6. Meditation - a tool I use to quiet my mind, connect to, and listen to whatever God/Source/Inner Being/my Higher Self/Angels/Guides would like to communicate with me
  7. Gratitude - something I do every millisecond; THANK YOU God for everything; thank you, thank you, thank you; something I use to lift my spirit and pivot my attention to all good things around me so that good things continue to flow into my life.
  8. Chakras - something I plan to improve on; with the Charkras, I open my energy points to ensure that when I am talking, I am speaking my truth in the most beneficial way for me and for others, that my Crown Chakra is open to receive Spiritual Guidance, that my Third Eye is all seeing and all knowing through my intuitions, that my Ears are open to listen to Divine messages, that my Heart is overflowing with love and make my actions and thoughts of Love.
  9. Journalling - a tool I use to reinforce my daydreaming and manifestational power =)
  10. Prayers - a tool to connect to God/Source/Inner Being/my Higher Self/Angels/Guides, to have a conversation, to communicate, to cleanse, to invoke energy
This is it for now --- I hope this helps you ~.
Namaste ~