Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Power of Gratitude

I have been practicing gratitude for over two years now, and lately I have taken it to a new level that brings me so much happiness and I believe increases my vibration.  When I thank God and Universe and my Angels and Guides for something, I breathe in the feeling of Gratitude like air and move that energy all over my body.  I now get a tingling sensation whenever I am grateful, and whenever I think happy thoughts.  I truly truly believe that I am connecting on a much higher level now when I am grateful. The effects are tremendous, as the feeling of happiness envelops me all throughout the day.  I have fun with it and the connection to Source and Light and God make we truly aware that I am happy.

How is your gratitude lately?  How do you feel when you are thankful, so thankful?

Blessing you with the Gift of Gratitude ~.