Monday, August 12, 2013

im not better than you nor you are better than me --- that's human standards crap.
the spirit that keeps nature and mother earth alive and breathing is the same magnificent spirit that's within you --- connect with nature and allow it to help you remember how natural and beautiful you are
Stop arguing and start loving!
Religion is supposed to guide, not criticize.  Got it?
Sit on the floor when you meditate --- it grounds you best.
Saying the Our Father before meditating balances your Chakras --- and it does not matter if you arent Catholic - Jesus and Mary weren't either.

Friday, August 9, 2013

World Peace Through Inner Peace


"Chemicalization", as explained so well by Catherine Ponder, in her book, "The Dynamic Laws of Healing".

1. You put the desire out to the Universe, start affirming and raising your vibration.
2. The Universe sends the wrecking ball or shaking up process to clear away old patterns and circumstances that are not a vibrational match to your intended goal. This is usually very uncomfortable and most people fight this stage, and lose faith.
3. Things are suddenly as quiet as they were loud during the shaking up process, sort of like the assessment of damage after an earthquake or storm, and then the re-building process begins. Many people lose faith at this stage, as well, as they don't yet see the desired goal yet.
4. The desired good begins manifest in a sort of quiet, natural course of events.

Through all of this, Catherine Ponder recommends acknowledging the chemicalization process and affirming and giving thanks that "Divine Fulfillment is now taking place. Greater good is on the way. All is well." To stay quiet about the process as you move through the chemicalization. Try not to complain too much in the second and third stages, and do not talk about or announce your new manifestation's arrival, right away. Keep it quiet for a little while until it is firmly established.
It's perfectly normal, that when waiting for a really big dream to come true it seems like it's taking forever, you wonder if you're doing something wrong, and you feel like you should just be happy with less.

But I promise you, no matter how long it takes, once it happens it'll seem as if time flew, you'll wonder how you ever doubted yourself, and you'll feel like you should have aimed a little higher.

Aim a little higher -
The Universe

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I finally learned something tonight that has to do with sharing the subjects that I post on this website.

Just share them with people who are open to it.  Avoid sharing or talking about it with people you know will reject it -- no matter how much you love them --- because the more you do it, the more rejection feelings you feel especially if they are loved ones, and those feelings will slow down your learning, or the manifestation of your dreams.  You might even doubt yourself.

The best thing to do is to just talk about it to people who can relate or understand --- for those who can't, take a break from doing it for now --- and one day when they are ready, their hearts will hear you.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't Get Discouraged

Being spiritual will lead to many many things that will open your heart and mind to all the answers you are seeking.  In the journey of it all, you will have people tease you, make fun of you, dismiss you, and these could be people who are dearest to you heart.  Don't get discouraged by them.  Follow your heart.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened. Ask and it shall be given.  Even Jesus got rejected to the point of getting crucified.  March forward.  The journey is worth it.

We are Here. We Love You.

The Sonia Choquette books that I ordered arrived today!  Very happy.

After Brandon has gone to bed and Hubby is happily settled in his man cave downstairs, I started reading the "Diary of a Psychic".  I was in Chaprter 1 which was Sonia talking about how she asked to hear her spirits.  As I was reading the lines on how she first attempted to talk to them, I closed the book, and I tried it.  Well, I did not hear any voices, but the way "things" come to me are through feelings or first thoughts that come to my mind.  When I asked " Are you there?", the first thought was "We are here Annie and we love you."  and then a series of other thoughts came one after another so I know and trusted that it is the spirits talking to me.  After a few more words from them that were so heart warming, I decided to continue to read the book.  I got to the point when Sonia wrote that she listened and listened and finally heard them!  You know what she wrote when she asked are you there and what the spirits said? "We are here.  We love you."  Whoa!  goosebumps!!! Goosebumps!!!!  Yes, I heard my spirits tonight!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why and how to Meditate - Sonia Choquette

So powerful learning today about meditation.  This one that she is describing will work for me ~.

"If you cant slow down your life, you can slow down your breathing."

"Meditation is essential because your sixth sense is subtle, it does not interrupt -- and meditation quiets those other voices, it quiets your fears, it quiets your emotions, it even quiets your body down".