About Me

I believe in my heart that everything happens at the right time and for a reason.
What I want to share with you is that the reason is simple : All for the Highest Good.

My life is very blessed but for a while my belief was that I did not really have any control over it.  I was conditioned to believe that if I do good, I am rewarded, and if I don't, I get punished or I suffered.  I believed for a long long time that things and people and life experiences are either good or bad.  You can just imagine how I maneuvered my life based on these limiting beliefs.

Regardless, I feel very blessed because deep in my heart, I have always had the faith that "everything happens for a reason".  What I did not know is that it is all for my highest good and that I hav the power to create and live the life that I want.

Today, I have many personal success stories, including manifesting people I need to meet, money that I want, places I want to go to, the house I want to live in, the job I want to do, living a life connected to my heart's purpose, and many others, but the greatest thing so far is manifesting our son.

Six years ago, we were diagnosed that we can't have a baby.  Although science is screaming loud at my face with facts, I did not believe it.  I believed that I am destined to be a mother and that my husband and I deserve the most perfect most beautiful child in this world.  Not only that, I believed that we will have a boy and that he will be the best thing that has ever happened to us.

Despite what the doctors said, I kept faith in my dream. When we moved to our house, I claimed one room to be the baby's room, and even painted it blue because I know for sure we were going to have a boy. I imagined day and night that I am holding this beautiful baby in my arms.  I would talk to the baby even before I had him.

So of course, what happened?  The Law of Attraction, and the Law of Balance worked --- as expected, without fail.  I got pregnant in less than a year when we intended to have a baby boy.  He was healthy and perfect and to this day, I cherish every moment of our life with him.

Knowing the many universal laws that govern our lives, and learning about vibration, and the energies around us, and how leveraging these enable me to live the life of my dreams is what I WANT TO SHARE with the world.  I will not wait until tens of years have passed before I share this.  I will not wait until I manifest many more great things to use as proof and evidence.  As I experience, I want to share so that YOU too can experience it for YOUR highest good --- as soon as YOU are ready.  We are all destined for GREATNESS and as Laura Silva would say, "we are the fortunate children of an abundant universe"!

I am so thankful that we are crossing paths.

Love and Peace and Prosperity to all,
Reiki II Practitioner/Spiritualist/Life Coach/Mother/Wife