Saturday, July 27, 2013

When we were kids, we used to have fun all the time.
Nothing worried us.  When we got upset, we didn't dwell too long in the negative feeling.
We let go right away and moved on.
Our world was full of love, fun, and laughter.

As we grew older, we somehow outgrew those things as well.
We got really serious about things to the point of forgetting the fun.
We now often find ourselves saying "I wish I was a kid again, no worries in the world".

What happened between being a kid and becoming an adult?
I believe we forgot that life is really supposed to be fun...

It is never too late to change back to the belief that LIFE IS SUPPOSED to be fun.
The more fun and laughter you have, by law of attraction, the more joyous and happy your life would be.
I know this because that's how I am living my life right now and it is such a blessing, such a good feeling, such a good place to be.

Be in the moment!
Be spontaneous!
The law of attraction focuses on your now and therefore, all your power is in the now.
Live your life moment by moment having fun, cherishing it, appreciating it, accepting it, loving it, and witness how all the things you have asked for manifest one by one before your very eyes.

With much love~.