Wednesday, July 24, 2013

There is so much synchronicity in my life lately that I am so appreciative of God and the Universe.

I get green lights ( I thank my Green Light Angels)
I get really good parking spots (Parking lot Angels)
The other day, we needed a table for the three of us and by the time we finished ordering (we were in line), a table became available for us
I wanted to take pictures of the art display at a restaurant but the art was right by a group of customers. You know what happened, they finished eating as I was saying I want to take pics, and left...I got the space I needed for the pictures!
Meetings get cancelled when I want to have time for me or time to work on something that needs focus.
Hubby buys me something that I have been meaning to ask him to buy for me.

I wish you all the experience of the magic of synchronicity~!