Saturday, July 27, 2013

I want to share something that I found immensely important from Andy Dooley's CD's.

We should separate ourselves from our negative feelings and do our best to avoid letting our negative feelings define us.  For example when you are tired, say "I feel tired" instead of saying "I am tired" because when you do the "I feel" phrase , you are declaring to yourself that the emotion is separate from who you really are.

This helps a lot in distracting the negative emotions to compound and help us remember that our emotions are not who we really are, but they are just feelings.

"I am feeling sad" is better than " I am sad".

The next time you feel something negative, fight it off by acknowledging that you are just feeling it and it is not you.

On the contrary, when it is a positive feeling --- that's when you should use the I AM!

I am rich vs I am feeling rich
I am happy vs I am feeling happy

Work that Law of Attraction to your highest advantage and see the magic happen!