Monday, July 1, 2013

3 Traps That Keep You From What You Want

 Not manifesting what you want? You might be getting in your own way.
Allow more of what you want to show up! See if you fall into one of these 3 traps…
1. You have the “have-to-have-it” feeling.
Feeling like you have to manifest something is a sign that you’re afraid it won’t show up. Your fear gets in the way of your belief.
Let go of fear. Let go of your anxiety that it won’t happen. The less you worry, the easier you can allow. Take time every day to identify your dominant intentions, free of worrying about how and when they will show up for you.
2. You’re trying to do it all yourself.
You have the desire. And the belief. Now you think only you can make it happen? Wrong!
Allow synchronicity into your life. Synchronicity follows the law of least effort. The details of life easily fall into place with unpredictable timing. The doors that are right for us to move through in life open effortlessly. When a situation or choice is not in our highest good, synchronicity is nonexistent, and the doors are hard to open.
Trust and allow. Get out of the way and let synchronicity play out. Only “do” something to help it happen when you feel prompted to.
3. You wish that other people would change.
We all desire better relationships. But you can’t force them. It will backfire every time you try!
Loosen your grip and allow others their experience, free of judgment and criticism. Allow others to be exactly where they are while you choose to be where you are. Allow yourself to forgive even when those you forgive have not changed for you.
The art of allowing is one of life’s great lessons. As you learn and relearn it, you will create more joy.
God Bless You as you practice the art of allowing this week.
Carol Tuttle
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