Sunday, June 23, 2013

You ask. It is given. Always. ...
When you are wide open, you feel wide open. That's what passion feels like. That's what eagerness feels like. When you have a strong desire and you're summoning lots of nonphysical energy through you, and you are offering no resistance within your being, you are wide open, and as you are wide open the nonphysical energy is flowing through you powerfully and you are thriving. It is optimum physical experience. ... Well we are not here to encourage you to stay nailed to the floor. We are here to put more fire in your rockets. Or really to let your natural rockets take you off in the way that you intended. ... The entire universe is established to produce desire within you. ... going with the natural flow which is rambunctious, eager, passionate, flowing toward endless topics of desire."

"Abraham: Am I Letting it in ...?