Sunday, June 23, 2013

The manifestation from in the vortex begins like that.  In other words, the thoughts begin to come, a rampage of thoughts, and avalanche of thoughts, of good feeling thoughts.  You find yourself intoxicated, like feeding at a buffet where everything there is so delicious you just can't decide which things to put in your mouth next.  The thought buffet from Inside the Vortex!
In other words, we want you to feel the tangibleness of this vortex.  We no longer want it to be just that spot on the floor that Abraham is pointing at.  We want you to understand that it is a vibrational state of being that will reveal to you at first just ideas that are pleasing to ponder.  But eventually ideas that are so full of interest and unique that you will be compelled into action.  You will get insights about things.  You will have ideas for book titles, you will have ideas for book subjects.  Whole visions of artistic things will flow to you.  Songs will be downloaded while you are in the vortex.

You'll see the face of your lover.  You'll know where your lover is.  You'll know where to go.  You'll know what to do.  You'll feel the wellbeing of your planet.

In other words, when you get into your Vortex, the fullness of that which you've been looking for is revealed to you.  And it is no wonder that when you are not in the Vortex, it feels like you've got your feet stuck in the mud.

You get a sense of what we are talking about?  This is a vibrational conversation we are having to vibrational beings who have the ability to quiet your mind and therefore deactivate the thoughts and vibrations that have been preventing you from being in a vibrational state of being where you can translate the energy and manifest it into the fullness of all that you have come to.

You are master creators and it's time for you to go into your Vortex where all the masters dwell and create from inside the Vortex where all magnificent creation comes from.

We're very excited about what's coming for you because you have been parlaying this Vortex, your individual vortex into something magnificent.  And it's time for you to lay claim to the vibrational frequencies so that you have the thrill and the fun of the revelation.

Stamford CT 10/2/10