Sunday, June 23, 2013

The manifestation of feeling good is available to you right now.

The money's going to trickle in, and it's going to trickle in in avalanche form. The physical wellbeing is going to return and it is going to return in incremental form.

But the way you feel right now can become full blown.

In other words, don't you feel good right now? Aren't you feeling your power? Don't you know more clearly who you are? Aren't you willing to just chill a little bit? Aren't you willing to let go of your being hard on yourself about the things that are not yet manifested? Aren't you willing to start looking for the manifestation, celebrating the manifestation, of the higher, better feeling emotion that you are able to accomplish any time you chose to?

ANY time you choose to!


Money isn't everything. It really isn't. It's hardly anything!

It helps. But ALIGNMENT is everything.

And then the money comes.

Alaska cruise 6-25-11-(1)