Monday, June 3, 2013

Coaching My Son

Today, I taught my son so many things:

Quieting his mind (Passive meditation : bringing your mind to a calm meditative state)
- at bedtime today I asked him to close his eyes, relax, and count slowly from 1-20; at first he was really having difficulty concentrating (he asked for water, he asked we are going to close our eyes all night).  I just gently prodded to just try it.  Finally he relaxed and quieted himself.  After he was done, he said he wants to do it again, like 5 times.  I told him that our minds need quiet time, to energize, to stay healthy, to stay happy.  I will start doing this every night now.  I want him to acquire this habit of meditation early enough that it becomes second nature to him later on in life.  My goal is when he gets better at this, we can do dynamic meditation (going beyond passive meditation and training your mind for organized, dynamic activities, to solve problems or make things happen)

Being Grateful
- I told him about being grateful, and gave him examples of things to be thankful about.  I realized that setting examples, consistently, will teach my son naturally what are the things we can be thankful for.  I told him to be grateful for literally everything; his water, the bed, the pillow, his bedroom, the food we eat, the house we have, and so on and so forth.  I will do my best to really incorporate the appreciation and thankfulness in his life.

Focusing on the good
- He told me again about the boy in school who always pushes him or his classmate.  So I told him, from now on, we will try to imagine that the boy is such a good boy, is always listening and making good choices, and wait for that to happen

Stay happy
- I told him that one of the important things he needs to do is always be happy, and wish other people happiness. Staying happy will continue to give him so much to be happy about

Energy Clearing
- we always clear our energies now, when we start our day, and before we go to bed.  We say " all negative energies, all bad things, delete, uncreate, go away" as we motion our hands in air pushing that energy away from our bodies, and then we say "let those energies recycle into unconditional love and pure light, and pure love" and motion our hands toward our entire body.

Blessing others
- we always start our day blessing our lives, and each other, and wishing each other all the best things in life, and extending that to everyone on this planet!

Aah life is so good living it under the blanket of gratitude.

Love to all of you!