Monday, June 3, 2013

Carol Tuttle : Your Child May Be a Highly Evolved Master Being

Here is an excerpt from Carol Tuttle's Book "Remembering Wholeness".
I cried after reading/listening to this chapter because I felt so happy receiving the message and knowing that we are now living in times when we are doing less and less of  labeling people "psychotic" or "crazy".

I hope you appreciate this message as much as I do:

"Children today are very different from my generation and earlier.  They are very acute to things of spiritual nature and many are already functioning in their spiritual gifts.  They are here to assist the planet in becoming a heaven on earth; a place where gods dwell. They are gods, so essentially they are here to prepare their future home.  As their parents, we have the stewardship of supporting them in fine-tuning their spiritual gifts and making sure we do not stifle them and shut them down.  As their parents, we can learn to become their spiritual partners as well as their parents, so that we can dwell with them as we prepare ourselves to live in such a glorified space - because we are potential gods as well."

"... We have seen them as the problem when we, the adults have been the problem.  We have created categories to shove these children into such as Attention Deficit Disroder, ... autistic, or just simply hard to handle.  The bottom line is that because of their spiritual gits and qualities, they experience this world differently than the adults in it; although we keep trying to make them like us."

".... By parenting in the old energy, you are missing out on creating a spiritual partnership and friendship with someone you have known and revered for a very long time.  You are missing put on openly inviting a powerful spiritual force and energy, to which these children are connected, into your home to because you keep trying to shut it down or alter it."