Saturday, June 22, 2013

"When you sat before Jesus dripping your illness, He did not see the disease, instead He had trained himself so into the expectation into the Vortex of creation, which He termed 'come into the light'. He meditated himself there. He separated himself from reality to give himself an opportunity to tune into the vibration of who you really are. But He did not see your illness. If He had seen your illness, He would have been a perpetuator of illness, rather than a perpetuator of wellness.

Isn't that what all healing is, an expectation of well-being? So can you look at well-being and sickness at the same time? You cannot! It's one or the other. And when you are dealing with the reality that is so vivid to you, often you train yourself into an expectation of more of the same.

Expectation is about training your mind.

It's about caring how you feel.

It's about choosing the thought, insisting that I think this way, even though reality doesn't make it easy.

Looking forward is about training your expectation.

Looking forward to what present-tense has become.

Isn't that the perfect definition of expectation?"

Abraham / Esther Hicks from the DVD: Forward Looking