Saturday, June 22, 2013

As you are reaching toward things that feel better, the more pickier you become, in other words there are a lot of people that are just grinning and bearing it, they are just putting up with it, as you get sensitive to the way you feel, you reached a place where you won't want to endure 3 hours in an airport.... YOU'LL FIND ANOTHER WAY. Or you reached a place where your not willing to deal with someone who's telling you things that are not true and accept it as truth because everyone else is. In other words, your own guidance system is helping you sort all of this out. And out of that honing process is born more and more significant desire, and all of that becomes a sensitivity - so that the way you feel a subtle vibration more is either being more sensitive to the subtle changes, or by the vibration getting so big that its not subtle. So if you're not becoming more sensitive so that you notice the subtle vibration more, law of attraction is just gonna make it bigger in which case you will notice it.
- Abraham-Hicks -