Sunday, June 23, 2013

Then an amazing thing happened. While it had been hard for her to
find it at first, now an avalanche of pleasing wonderful thoughts began
to flood her mind, no effort at all. In fact it would have been harder
for her to get back where she started, now that she had clicked in to
the vibration of who she really is.

And then she sat with the most rapturous goosebumps moving through
her body as she reunited and felt the relief of moving from outside the
vortex, in; and then reveling in the raising, and the raising, and the
raising of vibration.

And we said to her now that she was there, and now that she could
hear us, we said, Esther, milk this, practice this vibration of being in
the vortex, practice THIS vibration, of being in the vortex, make THIS
your dominant vibration, practice this vibration, this is who you are,
this is how you are to feel, this is who you be, this is home for you,
this is life for you, THIS is where you belong. And she sat there radiant, glowing to the Universe.

Australia, 12.13.09, Track 6