Sunday, June 30, 2013

Opening your Throat Chakra - By Carol Tuttle 

This was a very very helpful video for me in activating and opening my Throat Chakra.

Techniques that Carol Tuttle taught in this video:

  1. Watch the movie "The King's Speech"
  2. Take a deep breath and then as you exhale, say "aaahhh" happily and then relax.  Do this 3-4 times
  3. Wear blue --- the throat chakra is blue and you can use the energy frequency and vibration of blue to aid your throat chakra
  4. Write to yourself - using your dominant hand (in my case my RIGHT hand), write "Dear Little <your name>, You did not get to say what you wanted to say when you were little.  I am really excited to hear from yo.  Please write me back and tell me about yourself".   Then using your non-dominant hand (in my case it is my LEFT hand) write back. The non dominant hand, if it is the left hand, taps into the right brain which accesses your emotions which is your inner child. Your writing will mimic a child's handwriting and you will have a dialogue with your emotional self which is your child self.  As you pay attention and give honor to what your inner child has to say you are opening your throat chakra
  5. Blue Ball - the energy from the throat Chakra is funnel shaped --- rub your hands together and then put them opposite each other imagining there is a blue ball of energy -- and then face your dominant hand in front of your throat, motioning your ball of energy and then say the following affirmations:
  • I am received
  • I am supported in speaking my truth
  • I am comfortable speaking my truth
  • My thoughts are clear ad I easily express them
  • I have a clear mind of what's right for me
  • I speak it effortlessly
  • I honor other speaking their truth
  • I respect everyone and the truth  that they express
  • I am an honest expression of my true self
  • My throat chakra is open
  • My mind is clear
  • Am comfortable in the expression of me
  • I am grateful for the ease in which I express my self