Saturday, June 22, 2013

Abraham on how Jesus healed

Ashville, NC April 24, 2004

"Jesus is said to have been a powerful healer.

And the reason that he was is because when he looked at you, no matter what your current temporary state of physical condition, he did not allow himself to behold it, instead—he saw you as he knows you to be.

And because he saw you in your wellness, and he saw you that way so powerfully, your illness could not abide in his vibration.

There just wasn't a place for it there.

His signal from his 500 watt tower was so powerful, that your signals were overridden for a while.

And then he said, `Go forth and tell no one.' Because he knew that if you went home and talked about it, that they'd talk you right back into the resistance that was disallowing the wellness to begin with, you see."