Saturday, June 29, 2013

Carol Tuttle's [Optimize Your Manifestation Game]

Hopes this helps you!

Step 1:  Left Ear Tapping with Two Fingers
I am no longer fearing there's not enough
I am no longer believing I can't have enough
I am no longer creating debt
I am no longer believing I can't afford it
I am no longer giving money all the power
I am no longer in lack

Step 2: Right Ear Tapping with Two Fingers
I am enough
I am creating enough money
I am experiencing wealth now
I am receiving my infinite supply of money
I am open to my affluence
I am worth it
I am receiving an abundance of monay
I am grateful

Step 3: Open Solar Plexus
motion both hands like opening a bud and do 3x while saying I am worth it