Saturday, June 22, 2013

Guest: I feel quite compelled to support Tibetan people and their cause.

Abe: We get it but we have one question. In your support are you joyful or are you beating the drum of their plight? 

You can observe them and see the harassment they are living and from that Disturbing awareness, you can launch a much better version of their life into your vibrational reality but the question we have for you is, which version of them, then, are you giving your attention to? 

Are you giving your attention to where they're going or where they are? Are you giving your attention to the life that they too... In other words, you have to understand that when they're living struggle, they're creating a better reality. 

But when you observe someone living struggle you put a version of them in your vibrational reality but you don't help then when you focus upon something they're living and feel bad when you focus upon it, that's not helpful. You don't shine any light. 

You can tell that's your Source guidance letting you know that it's all right for you to think these thoughts and certainly they're available but those thoughts about someone else's plight don't help them. 

Jesus knew, when you sat before him dripping your illness he did not see your plight, he did not see your illness he knew your wellness and he knew it so well that as he saw you in his wholeness, illness could not abide in his vibration.

Sydney Australia 14/12/08