Friday, May 31, 2013

Wake Up Your Intuition!

Wake Up Your Intuition With This Simple Technique

I’m honored when I hear from people around the world who write or comment to say how my healing sessions helped them make a profound shift in their life.
Recently, one of those people was much closer to home: my daughter Anne!
Anne watched one of my past videos on how to open your intuitive center— your 6th chakra, or third eye. And she experienced amazing results!
Watch the video to hear Anne’s stories about about what happened to her when she started doing this exercise for just 30 seconds every day.
Learn how you can awaken your intuition and gain new insights by doing this simple technique.
Share your insights and successes with us! Tell us about your experience with this technique by sharing a comment below.
Intuition isn’t only for mothers
You’ve probably heard the phrase “a mother’s intuition” or “a mom just knows.”
But every person on this planet benefits from supporting and listening to their intuition, your inner guide.
Maybe you need to receive more insight about a situation at work or school or in your family.
The technique we show in the video is a practical tool for anyone to apply in any way in their life.
Give yourself 30 seconds for 7 days
Try this exercise for just 30 seconds every day for a week and see what you notice.
I love how Anne’s commitment to the process was what really helped support her. And even as a Type 2, which is more indecisive, she found herself questioning herself less and being more confident in decisions.
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