Friday, May 17, 2013

Is it yours or not

All of us, young or old, are energy beings and having said that, also naturally absorb energies.  So here is  a trick on handling negative feelings/vibration/emotions.  When you feel something is off, ask yourself: "Is this my energy or someone else's?"  The very first thing (usually 1-3 seconds) that comes into your mind is usually  input from your higher self/conscience/God/Source, and when you go beyond that and think, that is your ego self already --- so if it is yours, you can clear that energy by saying "I delete, uncreate, and destory all these negative energy right now", just tell it to all go away.  I always ask my guardian angels, Jesus, Mama Mary, Archangel Michael to help me get rid of it right now.  IF it is not your energy, you simply tell yourself that you are letting it go, it is all right for you to not absorb it from whoever that is you got it from because that person is capable of taking care of himself.