Friday, May 17, 2013


Children are natural energy absorbers.  We imprint our energies on them and these energies imprinted on them for the 0-7 years of their life can impact their future, their life.    Our beliefs today are so much of an imprinting that happened in our early childhood.  And a lot of those imprints may be blocking you from really and truly living a happy and abundant life.  The great thing is that we can clear all those imprints from ourselves.  But for now, what I really want to share is the importance of you KNOWING this and helping your child to have the best possible positive, high vibration imprinted on the 0-7 years of his life.  Cleanse your vibration when you are around your child.  Be the most loving, the most pure, the most positive you so that the child will absorb that. That is one of the most beautiful gifts you can ever give your child.