Friday, May 17, 2013

On Appreciating Others

ABRAHAM: Let us interrupt before you go any further. The tendency is to blame the other for his imperfection.

We are wanting you to assume the responsibility for his imperfection as he interacts with you, for you are soliciting it from him. The tendency is to see a flaw in another and judge and blame the other, and what we are saying to you is – only what you see is there.

And so, now where are you? Now you are in a position where you may have perfect relationships with everyone as you are clear about what you are wanting and as you are only seeing what you are wanting. And when you see that which is not in harmony with who you are, look away. When your warning bell rings because that which you are seeing is not in harmony with what you are wanting, turn your attention to something else, you see.

What you are most wanting to understand in this life experience is this: It is the greatest intention that you have, and we speak it forcefully: You are wanting to be ALLOWERS. And you will know when you have achieved that when you are willing to allow another, even when the other does not allow you. When you are able to allow, even when the other is not allowing you -- you will have absolute freedom.

You see, the only thing that binds you is negativity. Without it you are free, joyously. And so, as you look at another and see only that which brings forth joy -- you are free. As you look at another and see that which brings forth negativity -- you are bound by your own decision of what you are soliciting.

We are wanting you to release the responsibility from all those you are blaming for all of the things they are doing wrong and for all of the ways they are messing up your life. They are not doing it! You are doing it!

COMMENT: That is deep stuff. (Group laughter)

ABRAHAM: It is the deepest of the stuff. (Group laughter) And it is the most meaningful words that you will hear as you are moving forward, for you are interacting with others, and it applies not only to the others, my friends -- it applies to your own being.

You solicit from your very own being that which you do not want to be. You look at yourself and you see that which is wrong. You see that which is not in harmony with your greater wanting, and as you do it -- you create more.

See in yourselves that which you are wanting, and that is what you will draw forth. Do you see? Indeed you do. That is very good. Did you write it down? (To Jerry)

JERRY: I put, "Transcribe this. This is deep stuff." (Group laughter)

A New Beginning I


You continue to blame other people when it seems that it's their fault. But it's never anybody else's doing.
And when you finally accept that, and you focus - fabulous word - you focus to match what's in your vibrational escrow, and you begin to feel the power of your alignment, then you don't need to trust anymore because you've got knowing.
You don't need faith anymore because you've got evidence all around you. You feel invincible. You know that there is a path continually unfolding before you and that you are upon it.
And all the other people, as you see them through you Source-like eyes, become playful components of your contrast, playful components of your allowing; they're just players in your environment to assist you in creating and aligning.
There are no hinderers in your world; not one. It's you that makes your stream move. And it's you that goes with it or not. Period. San Antonio, TX 9-08-07