Friday, May 17, 2013

Ineffable Emotions

Guest: Wants to talk about 'ineffable emotions": those which do not require a
physical vehicle for experiencing.

Abraham: This is precisely the understanding we want all of you to come to. We
want you to be emotional interpreters rather than verbal interpreters. We want
you to feel your way there. In the feeling, the precision of it is so much
greater, and the individuality of it is so much greater.~snip~

Abraham: You accept that you come from a whole or a one, whether people call it
god or source, but here I am, I'm uniquely me, and I have individual personality
and preferences and individual life experience and I am coming to some unique
conclusions for me. ~snip~

As I add my piece to it, source just becomes a bigger whole because me and
billions of others are adding to it, now source is this bigger whole. So now
when I find resonance with source, so I only find resonance with the parts of
source that I put there, or do I find resonance with the parts of source that
everybody else put there too? What do you think?

You have the ability to find resonance with the parts of source that everybody
else put there too, you have the ability. BUT, do you have the vibrational
acuity to do that?

If you're using your mind you don't have the ability. If you're reaching for the
emotion, you do. ~snip~

If you tune yourself to the emotion and use it to find the resonance with that
which is source, now you stand in that indefinable, ineffable alignment with
source, and now you got all of that power to apply to the specifics of that
which is important to you.

~Abraham, Asheville, NC, 9/27/11