Sunday, May 5, 2013

Energy Radar

I would like to share with you what I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon's Unlimited Abundance CD about us being energy radars.

We are beings who actually absorb other people's energies.  Those days when you are just crabby and you don't understand why?  Those are the days when you most likely have absorbed someone else's energy and vibration!

Imagine this vibration being absorbed by children, who are really still very pure and natural healers --- according to Christie, parents' energies imprint on their kids while they were young, and without using tools to cleanse those absorbed energies, that will impact the kids' lives and future.

So my main take away's from the CD:
- cleanse your energies daily before bedtime to allow for the positive; you can do this by meditating (getting to calm your mind until you feel you are an unlimited being capable of everything) and then telling yourself to delete, uncreate, and destory all negative energies, negative vibration, everything negative, and then to allow the positive energies to fill your inner being
- you can do the cleansing ANYTIME during the day too
- when you have a negative feeling or vibe, ask youself, "Is this mine or someone else?"  and then if you it is yours, do the cleansing, and if it is not, tell your body that it is ok to not absorb this energy from another person and let it go and that you dont need that energy
- when you are around your kids, be mindful that they are powerful energy radar; they absorb your energy without them really knowing it and if you don't help them process this, you will impact their day in school and may even impact htem for the rest of their lives.

I have taught my 5yr old son the following tools and been using them for a couple of weeks now:
- Energy Cleansing *we say this at night before bedtime:  all negative energy I delete!  and all positive energy I welcome into my life*
- Ball of blessings *we imagine we have a ball of energy and we fill it with all good things (love, fun, blessings, etc) and then we send it to someone we love (like Daddy, Mommy, friend in school, teachers, etc)
- Mind Control *Everyday we say : Day by Day in every way I am getting better, better, and better; Day by day in every way, our allergies are going away*
- Energy exercise * we do at night and morning - we move our hands and body to delete negative energy and welcome positive energy
- Thank God * we thank God a LOT

I hope this helps all of you!
Much love~