Friday, May 17, 2013

Things that I spoke today

When my son got upset when we told him to stop what he was doing so we can pray and then go to bed (he was building a house on one of his game that he so loves), I knew that he did not understand what it was all about.  He was doing something he loves to do and stopping it was very confusing and upsetting to him. So I said: "Brandon, we are your best friends, we love you, i want you to feel that you can tell us anything, especially when you are upset, confused, mad... Please know we love you all the time and we will work it out with you all the time."  and then I asked him to tell us what is going on in his head.  We let him speak without judgement, agreed on what is workable, and then we ended it with lots of kisses and hugs and I love you's. Then we prayed, he finished and saved his art work, and went to bed happy.