Friday, May 17, 2013

Pre-paving the future in term

One of my "pre-paving my future" prayers is to have a golden, solid, loving relationship with my son in all stages of his life.  I want open heart communication, sincere talks, loving conversation, loving parenting and loving friendship with him... and I know that communication is the key to all of these.  Lately I believe that God is providing me with all the opportunities to build the foundation for this future.  I have lots of opportunities talking to Brandon, very candid sharing, things coming out of my mouth so naturally that so applicable to what he needs, what we need to hear and feel at the moment.  Even skeptical hubby is becoming more and more and MORE the unconventional parent and not following the dictates of society, and really going by what our heart tells us about our relationship with each other.  We are the best judge of what works for us, what makes us happy, what makes us a solid family.  Our love for each other, our understanding of each other is what matter the most.

Thank you God/Universe for aligning things for us =)