Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dressing Your Truth

Love this article from Carol Tuttle!

Dressing Your Truth Tips for Your Children…

I have personally seen how Dressing Your Truth helps children be perceived by others in harmony with who they really are—and how confident it helps children feel about their appearance as they grow.
Dressing the Type 1 Fun-loving Child:
  • Clothes should feel light and free on the body.
  • Fabric should have a crisp quality to it.
  • They’ll get fussy in clothes that weigh them down.
  • Anything playful, youthful, animated, fun.
Dressing the Type 2 Sensitive Child:
  • Comfort always comes first!
  • Fabric should be soft, plush, and cozy.
  • They’ll get fussy in items that are uncomfortable.
  • Anything subdued, muted, and soft.
Dressing the Type 3 Determined Child:
  • Clothes should have an earthy, textured quality.
  • Fabric should have heavy texture and substantial weave.
  • They’ll feel bothered in anything too light or plush.
  • Anything with rich colors and angular patterns.
Dressing the Type 4 More Serious Child:
  • Clothes should feel structured and fitted.
  • Fabric should hold its shape.
  • They’ll feel uncomfortable in items with extra laces, frills, or embellishments.
  • Anything with solid colors or stripes—even bold black.

Why Even Babies Need to Dress Their Truth

We all have a sixth sense of what feels right on our body.
This is true even of babies. We don’t often realize that the clothing on a baby could make them fussy—not what they’re eating or how they’re sleeping. What apparel is next to their skin? What texture of clothes and blankets do you use?
When you help your children Dress their Truth, you help them create a way to be honored for who they are and feel confident about how they look.