Friday, May 17, 2013

Bright Beam Of Vibration

"We've been saying, you want to get into your Vortex, you want to get into your Vortex.  That's our way of
saying you want to get up to speed with what is in your Vortex.  You want to achieve a vibrational stance
that allows the Vortex, Law of Attraction, to bring you IN, where all that you are and all that you want is.

Today, we are giving you a slightly different way of looking at this because we want you to understand that
as you stand here in your powerful moment of attention that you are generating the vibration, and when it is
in sync...

Esther has been trying to find the visual as she hears us explaining and feels us explaining this to you.  And 
the visual that she has is that BEAMING up from the very CORE of that which SHE is, you are, is this BRIGHT
BEAM OF VIBRATION (both arms forcefully swinging up in front of her).  

And when she stands in it she can feel the clarity of it.  She knows that that's what she's doing when she's 
allowing Abraham to flow through.  Standing over there IN it, it BE-S so dominant that she BE-S compliant with

So, here is this ENERGY (arm forcefully up in front of her), this VIBRATION (arm up in front of her), this Core
BEINGNESS (arm up in front of her) beaming up (arm up in front of her), and here you are, somewhere in the
vicinity of it, maybe over here somewhere ornery about something, maybe over here frightened about something,
maybe standing right in it in appreciation or love of something.  But you get to choose, you get to allow or
disallow your relationship with this Grid.

From the workshop in Stamford, CT on 5/26/12