Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unpleasant Things

Today I had a couple of things that were not really pleasant for me.  Because of the many years of programmed reaction to unpleasant things, it took me a while to pull myself out of it and into a much better state of mind and emotions.

There is something I have been wanting to do that my beloved husband is not on board with of doing.  I love him so much and this "dream" of mine has caused several discussions, exchange of words, sad feelings, misunderstandings between us.

Tonight I really thought about it, and while meditating (I did not have to seclude myself for 20 minutes, I just walked around the house doing chores, dishes, cleaning up, which moved a lot of the unpleasant energies, while pondering on what is happening), here's what my heart told me:
My dream is happening and it will happen in an easy, happy, most loving way. 
What is happening now is the opposite of that, so I re-realized that this thing that happened recently which I thought is one step closer to my dream, is not the path that would serve me well, because it if it is THE path, it would be easy, happy, and full of synchronicities.

I am not giving up, but I am doing is listening to my intuition on whether I am taking the least resistant path to where I want to be or not.  When a choice I made is not easy, that means, I have to readjust it, until I find a path or choice that is easy and will lead me right into my pot of gold.

Blessing all of you with love, peace, happiness, and prosperity.